Anvilforge City


Anvilforge is the capitol city of the Dwarves and is also arguably the oldest city in all of Calstyrea. The city itself is only accessible from one entrance, the Stone Gates. Back when the Daemons first invaded before the start of the first age, Moradin and his armies locked themselves inside the city and not even the might of a whole army of the Daemons could get through the great gates. Now the city isn’t only home to Dwarves, there is also a large population of Goliath and Halflings within it’s stone halls.

The city is split into Five districts; the Trade district, War District, Forge district, Dwarven District and Stone District. The Districts are arraigned around the edges of a giant circular cavern inside of the mountain. Four of the districts surrounding the Forge District, which sits in the middle of the mountain suspended over a volcano of molten metal.

As the story goes the city was the first built in the world we know. When the first great sundering happened Moradin and his trusty Amir travailed to the highest point in the world, being the Stone Spire mountains. Though this may not be true there is a massive statue of Moradin just inside the Stone Gates of the city.

Anvilforge City

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